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Ending the Late-Night Visits: Independent Sleep Skills for Your Toddler

Is your night consistently disrupted by a little visitor seeking your comfort? If so, let’s dive deep into how you can promote independent sleep habits in your child and finally put an end to those nightly interruptions.

Understanding the Root of the Problem

When children suddenly appear by your bedside, it’s often not just a random whim. It typically stems from their sleep habits. Ask yourself, “How is my child falling asleep at bedtime?” More often than not, the scenario goes like this: little ones get used to falling asleep with a parent beside them. And that’s the crux of the problem.

If your child becomes accustomed to sleeping next to you, it’s likely they’ll seek you out if they wake up in the night. These natural wake-up moments happen to all of us, but if your child doesn’t see you there, their instinct might be to find you.

Common Nightly Scenarios

Many parents I’ve worked with share similar stories. Their child wakes up in the night, realizes their parent isn’t beside them, and then sets out on a mission. They either:

  • Want you to come back to their room and lay beside them until they drift back to sleep.
  • Decide to hop into bed with you and snuggle in for the rest of the night.

While both scenarios can be endearing, they can also disrupt everyone’s sleep, making it hard to maintain a consistent routine.

The Key to Ending Nighttime Visits: Independent Sleep Skills

At the heart of it all, the Sleep Sense program emphasizes the importance of teaching children independent sleep skills. The goal is for your little one to:

  • Feel comfortable sleeping on their own.
  • Build confidence in their ability to self-soothe.
  • Know that they can handle any nighttime wake-ups by simply rolling over and falling back asleep.

Once your child has these skills down, you’ll likely see a dramatic reduction in those late-night visits. With consistency and patience, you can guide your child towards healthier sleep habits, ensuring peaceful nights for the whole family.


Ready to transform your baby’s sleep habits?

The Sleep Sense course is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that gives parents the tools they need to get their toddlers sleeping straight through the night.

As seen on Good Morning America, it’s been the Internet’s most trusted resource for over 20 years and has already helped over 125,000 families finally solve their children’s sleep problems.

The Sleep Sense course comes complete with Direct Messaging access to a team of sleep professionals, and offers a no-hassle money-back guarantee… so you have nothing to lose and a great night’s sleep to gain!

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But if you’re looking for full-service, one-on-one help, I’m here to help!

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