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Today, I’ve got some free stuff for everyone:

1) In Case You Missed It: Last week, I hosted an online class talking about some of the best (and worst) ways for at-home moms to earn an income. It was a great event, but a lot of you e-mailed me saying that you weren’t able to attend because it was in the middle of the day.

So… I’m doing it again, this Thursday evening (July 24th) at 7 p.m. Eastern. You can click below to sign up:

Playdates, Passion & Profits: How Some Moms Get To Have It All <<== Free Class

2) Toddler who might be ready to start potty training? Here’s a way to secretly “pre-train” your child… and get them excited about using the toilet:

Potty “Pre-Training” Guide <<== Free resource!

This method works by “flipping” the conversation about potty training. Instead of making a big deal about how your child will be “grown up” soon, you make potty training seem easy and fun! 

3) Free advice: I asked Certified Sleep Sense Consultant Shan Roth, from Calgary, Canada, to share her #1 baby sleep tip with my readers.Here’s her excellent advice:

  • Putting your baby down awake right from the beginning; it will encourage the development of self-soothing skills. If you put your baby to sleep BEFORE putting her down, she’ll wake a short time later looking for the “prop” that put her to sleep.
  • Also: Try feeding your baby when he wakes instead of right before he goes to sleep. This will encourage great feeds and prevent the “feed to sleep” association. 
  • Finally, remember that newborns can only stay awake for 45-60 minutes before they need to sleep again. It is never too early to start establishing healthy sleep habits.

No-Sweat Potty TrainingAlso, if you’re looking for what has to be the most stress-free way to potty train, have a look at: No-Sweat Potty Training. This is a complete system designed to help you potty train your child easily.  It actually makes the whole process a lot of fun for your child!




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