Getting Your Child to Try New Foods

Encouraging your little one to experiment with new foods can be a bit of a trial. Mainly because, in the end, it’s up to the child whether or not they want to eat any particular item placed in front of them, and also because they have no appreciation for their dietary needs.

So how can you introduce new foods to your little one and actually get them to give it a shot? It’s not always easy, but there is a way, and it doesn’t involve a battle of wills either! I’ll tell you all about it in today’s video.

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If you’re having issues with your child’s eating habits, whether they’re not eating enough healthy food, have no interest in trying new things, or are engaging in a battle of wills every time you sit down to the dinner table, try The Food Sense Program. It’s a complete system designed to end the mealtime headaches, get your child eating healthy, and develop a positive relationship with food!



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