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Lesson 2: Setting Up A Bedtime Routine

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5 months ago

Can’t download the worksheet

9 months ago

What are the typically bedtime routines for 7 months old, my son loves bath time but hates the part after, like putting his diaper, pyjamas and lotion. So I’m thinking I should remove this from his bedtime routine as I find it could be unsettling him. Any thoughts? Some nights he’ll sleep 10 hours no problem, then all of a sudden can wake up once or twice a night, he also sleep cries. I don’t understand.

9 months ago

Bedtime routine is to eat dinner, clean up toys, bathe, read a story or 2, then turn down the lights and nurse until she is really sleepy. I put on her sleep sack then put her in crib, if she cries I take her out calm her down then put her back. Sometimes she falls asleep right away but sometimes I have to do it twice. I realize going to bed 7pm is better than a 8/8:30pm.

1 year ago

30 minutes?! That seems so long and drawn out, especially when I have 3 other kids. I can’t spend half the evening with the baby.

Essence Penn
1 year ago

My daily routine for my 1 year older is to make sure she uses the potty. Yall know how hard is to potty train. But, anyway I make sure she eat dinner, drink a cup of milk put her a dry diaper on and let her run around with her 3 year older sister. Letting then run off extra energy because they are very energetic toddlers. After yesterday lesson I have learned a lot and tonight they went to sleep before 8:30pm. It is so quite in here

1 year ago

Can’t download the worksheet

1 year ago

I am unable to download the worksheets

1 year ago

I can’t download the worksheet

Pauline Davis
1 year ago

How to get my 3weeks old baby to sleep during the Night

2 years ago

Can’t download

2 years ago

Thanks for the homework, unfortunately I can’t download the worksheets, something doesn’t work.

My almost 5 months baby bed time routine so far is: walking by the beach around 5-7pm then bathing with nice lavander oil( she loves it), massage, pijama, feeding and rocking her on my feet while singing and she falls sleep.
Usually she wakes up 1 or 2 times for feeding during 12 hours of bed time. I don’t know how to teach her to fall asleep on her own and to not wake up during the night. Would love to learn. :)

1 year ago
Reply to  Shima

I found once you fully feed the baby then they sleep longer. That and I always make sure I give them a new diaper. My son always falls asleep during feeding so I need to burp him in between to get him awake enough to eat again.

10 months ago
Reply to  Shima

I agree I have a 6 month old granddaughter who’s routine is similar to your daughters but she wakes 3-4 times a night for feeding or binky. Wish she could sleep longer stretches but no luck yet. And ideas?

18 days ago
Reply to  Shima

Same here. My son has the same routine and wakes up at least 3 times.

2 years ago

Can’t download the worksheet

2 years ago

My little one is 8months old. His routine incude walk with the stroller, bath, massage, bedtime stories and then breastfeeding to sleep. I am a little worried about moving the feeding in a prior stage because he is used to sleeping. I will try the program and hope for the best. So far he sleeps around 8.30.

Lisa Vogt
2 years ago

My 5 1/2 month old bedtime routine last about 15-20 minutes and it seems to work well. We change his diaper then take him to the bathroom and wash his feet, hands and face with a warm washcloth. He loves this! He has the biggest smile on his face when we walk into the bathroom because he knows what is coming. Then we take him back to his room and put lotion on and into his pjs he goes. Then we read a story together and then I breastfeed him. After he is done eating, we have a separate washcloth to wipe his gums and his two bottom teeth he just got. :) Then we say our prayers and I sing the itsy bitsy spider song to him (he loves the hand motions) and off to sleep he goes.

Last edited 2 years ago by Lisa Vogt
10 months ago
Reply to  Lisa Vogt

Do you hold him to wash him or set him the tub?

2 years ago

My guy eats dinner at 5. We go outside and walk around in stroller or he walks.
Or plays with toys inside. He typically walks around finds things to play with until he’s tired, then he breastfeeds for a bit then asleep around 9;30.
His nights vary. 8:30/10pm sleep:
He’s a screamer and at night he cant seem to make up his mind on what he wants to do. Up down, this breast that breast, downstairs, upstairs, play, this breast that breast. Etc

Roksana Imran
2 years ago

Hi thanks for your email series on sleeping routine for the baby. They have been very useful. We have now introduced a routine to the baby and he sleeps in good time. We typically bath him, read, story book, breastfeed him and then his father puts him to sleep on his shoulder. He puts him on the cot as son as he is drowsy or falls asleep. Now he doesnt really fall asleep on the cot. So i have 2 questions if you wouldn’t mind answering.
1.What can be done to make him fall asleep on his own.
2. When he wakes up during the night he doesn’t have anything that soothes him. We tried the teether, pacifier, he doesn’t even suckle his thumb. What can we introduce to sooth him so that he falls asleep on his own?

Thanks again for all your help so far.

2 years ago

Can’t download the worksheet

2 years ago

I usually do the routine but when it comes to crib time she starts crying she wants me to carry her and to be breastfed eventhough she’s sleepy and so tired. What should I do when she cries? do I remove her from the crib or Ijust leave her to cry?

Andrea Šulejová
2 years ago

Can’t download the worksheet, pls send mi one per e-mail

2 years ago

Can’t download the worksheet

Renee McFarlane
2 years ago

I have 3 boys & have used a similar routine with all 3. We do dinner at 5pm, baths at 6pm followed by a breastfeed/bottle feed ( when under 1yro/ I dropped the bottle at 1 & weaned off the boob at 10mo) burps & cuddles/story time then a quick round of good night’s with the family then into bed. ( My 2nd & 3rd refuse to settle until they have kisses from their daddy & older siblings) & my 3rd likes a few minutes of quiet cuddles with mummy in his room before he goes into his bed. I’ve also used the same phrase for all 3 – as I’m about to put them into bed I tell them ok sleepy time now & kiss their foreheads. My 3rd has been my most challenging but I’ve stuck to this routine since he was a few weeks old & he’s always settled well in the night to sleep. We hit a cold which resulted in alot of wake ups in the night due to congestion but he would still settle by himself at the beginning of the night & now at 7 months I’m getting a good 4-6hrs from him at a time. Hoping he will go back to sleeping 8hrs straight like he was before that nasty cold hit us.

Azra Noori
2 years ago

I can’t download the worksheet.Please email it for me.
Thank you

2 years ago

If i put ma baby to sleeps like 7 or 8 clock he use to awake like 11 or 12 even at midnight.. And then he start to play he doesn’t like to sleep aftr that… what can i do for it?

2 years ago

Feeding is only 10 mins for bedtime? That’s really short to last them through the night. Is that normal?

Sabeen Sarosh
2 years ago
Reply to  Angela

Same! He gets up at midnight and is very active till 2-3 in the morning and then I have to force him to sleep.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sabeen Sarosh

I have the exact same problem with my daughter please share what you did for the night waking from 2-3?

2 years ago
Reply to  Sabeen Sarosh

Same with my 5 month old boy

2 years ago

I can’t download the worksheet cause it shows me that it’s not secure.. :/
Can you please email it to me as an attachment?
Thank you!!

Samantha Johnson
3 years ago

At 6 i feed him baby puree and at about 630 he will take a bath and at 7 he drinks his last bottle for the night

3 years ago

My daughter is 23 months tomorrow. She has dinner then have a 15-20 minutes bath, as she love be in the water, brush her teeth, then we go to the room we try to read her a book sometimes she likes we read her a book sometimes she doesn’t. Then I breastfeed her sometimes she fell asleep and sometimes she wants to go downstairs to the living room to play little bit and comeback for a second feeding. She goes to sleep at around 10 or 10:30 at night.
She is very active all day but sometime it feels like her recovery is very good. Depending on the day she wakes up a minimum of two times a night or a maximum of 6 times. Sleeps well the first part of the night but then after she wakes up more often.

3 years ago

My daughter is 13 months and her routine starts at 7 pm. She has dinner, then we give her a bath and then we play a little and at 8 pm she is already in bed. It usually takes her 30 minutes to fall asleep on her own in her crib. We don’t give her amassage because she wouldn’t be still, and reading stories?..well..she likes to eat the pages of the books and any paper she puts her hand on. Is this common or is it gist her?

Since we follow this routine, we started to see an actual improvement in her sleep (she sleeps until 5 am)

3 years ago

My baby girl is 12 and a half months.. our routine starts at 7 with bath (ofc she had dinner before) then brush teeth and then breastfeeding (she sleeps with my boob) and she falls sleeps at 7.45 aprox.. sometimes she wakes up every 2 hours or 3 for boob just to grab it and then she fall sleeps again.. im gonna do again the sleep training next week

3 years ago

My dauther is almost 4 months and our routine is a book, bath, a massage and nurse to sleep. She falls asleep pretty quick but only on one boob. Really need and want to stop nursing her to sleep but when i have tried putting her in her own bed awake she just starts fussing. She has never fell asleep there even when i go and cuddle her for a while and place her back. Don’t know what to do. Nap times are a complete nightmare. I have given up and just started going on walks on nap times.

2 years ago
Reply to  Paula

Try sleep training!!! It works but you have to stick to it!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Paula

The same for us, we are 3 months old.
I’ve started put him in stroller for Nap, because he sleeps when going to walk, but it is impossible to put him to a crib during the day, only for night sleep.
So do the same routine then put him to a stroller when he about to sleep and swing.
Just my son is getting up for about 40 min, then i need to feed him again (not eating actually, just like pacifier), put him to a stroller and swing again.

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