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How To Save Almost $1,000 This Year By Potty Training

Most parents are pretty anxious to get on with potty training after a couple of years of hauling around an overstuffed bag of diapers and wipes everywhere they go.

And changing diapers is no picnic either, especially once your child gets older.

But just in case you need some extra incentive to start potty training your child sooner rather than later, let’s take a minute to look at the cost of diapers, because it might surprise you.

The multi-billion dollar diaper industry has got it figured out. They have a product that parents need, and therefore they will always be raking in the cash.

Parents will keep paying for their Huggies or Pampers, because there’s not really an alternative.

It’s similar to buying necessities like milk or shoes or toothpaste…might get costly, but what are you gonna do?

Well, the difference is, you do have some control over when you potty train your kid. Within reason, of course.

Remember that your child has to exhibit signs that she’s ready, such as being able to follow instructions and being able to stay dry for longer periods of time than she used to.

It can be tempting to resort to using pull-ups for the transition between diapers and potty training, but as far as I’m concerned, they are just a big money grab.

They don’t help with potty training at ALL; in fact, you are really just buying more expensive diapers and delaying your child’s potty independence.

They are a short-term solution that quickly turns into a long-term problem.

So just how much does it cost to keep your kid in diapers or pull-ups for an extra year?

This blogger on Squawkfox ( did the math and compared research from several sources to come up with her figures: for the average child to stay in diapers for 30 months, the cost is approximately $1,912.04.

Now, keep in mind that many parents resort to pull-ups for months or even a year or two. In that case, the cost might change because of the higher cost of pull-ups.

According to, diapers cost an average of $557 a year, and according to this blogger (, one year of wipes costs approximately $204.

Add those together and you get a whopping $761.00!

There are much simpler and less expensive ways to potty train (check out the No-Sweat Potty Training program) than using diapers or pull-ups as a crutch.

The only time I recommend using them are for the first few days after potty training has begun, as it is all new to your child and accidents are bound to happen.

It’s also okay to use them if you’re going on a plane ride or a long car trip, because you won’t be able to drop everything to get your child to a bathroom.

The trick is to be consistent. Once you have decided to get rid of diapers and pull-ups for good, don’t go back.

Even if this means you have to wash some extra sheets and clothes for a couple of weeks, it’s worth it in the long run.

And think of all the things you can buy with the money you save…:)

If you are ready to save a lot of money by potty training, check out No-Sweat Potty Training. It promises to make potty-training super quick and even fun! Ready to get your child diaper free?

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