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Lesson 1: How To Spot Your Baby's Sleep Signals

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1 hour ago

My daughter holds her hands and makes ” eh eh eh” noises.

2 months ago

My son is 9 months old. When he sleeps, he scratches his eyes and ears, becomes more nervous, his eyebrows turn red…

Anne Anitah
2 months ago

My 5 months old rubs his eyes and nose, starts to get fussy, turns his head left-right.

Flore Auguste
2 months ago

19 months old rubbing of eyes and starting to get fussy

Erin Gibson
2 months ago

My 20 month old son’s most obvious signal is that he plays with his hair, stokes his head, and runs his hand through his hair. His less obvious signals is over-affection…giving mommy tons of kisses, hugs, and snuggles.

Kaylie Honaker
3 months ago

My son (2months) will start to yawn then gets very giggly starts talking (babbling) to his dinosaur mobile then comes the screaming

3 months ago

My 2months old rub her face

3 months ago

Rubbing eyes and yawning

3 months ago

Rubbing the eyes and yawning

3 months ago

My 8 month old daughter starts to rub her eyes and nose, also getting a bit fussy.

3 months ago

My 4month old child rub his eyes , starts yawning and starts winning.he also starts turning his left to right. And also start putting his hand in his mouth.

3 months ago

My 8month daughter rubs her eye and ears and turns her head side to side also yawning

4 months ago

My son plays with his hair while staring off into the distance and also like to bury his head into a blanket or teddy comforter.

4 months ago

My 8th month old rubs his eyes then if we don’t catch it right away he becomes very easily agitated

5 months ago

My 2 mo old rubs his face,(doesn’t always make it to his eyes) but will squeeze his eyes shut when’s he’s doing it, so that’s the difference to his touching his face and sleepy clues.. he also gets really happy right before fussy.. so I try to catch it as his face turns from smile to pout..

6 months ago

My 7 week old daughter rubs her eyes, gets red eyebrows, arches her back, barriers her head in my clothes, gets really fussy, and turns her head side to side sometimes

7 months ago

My daughter does give a far away look at times when maybe she feels overstimulated. Eye rubbing is the most common and burying her head into my shoulder and chest are signals for her too.

7 months ago

Eye rubbing, yawning and the biggest indicator is her eyebrows turning red. It’s adorable and very accurate actually

7 months ago

My son’s all rub their eyes and change the way the are acting. However they will fight it. What do I do

8 months ago

Eye rubbing, yawning, and turning her head from left to right, side to side over and over again.

8 months ago

Rubbing eyes
Tugging at ears
Little cries

8 months ago

I feel like when my baby is overtired, he buries his head into my chest.

8 months ago

tugging at ears
rubbing of nose

8 months ago

My son has just turned 2 mths old, when he’s tired he rubs his face, ear and eyes, he yawns, and before that he has a blank stare, and if he’s over tired he fusses with a low tone cry.

9 months ago

My 5 mo rubs her eyes, has a blank stare, and gets red around the eyes/eyebrows.

9 months ago

My 5 month old girl rubs her eyes, stares into the distance and becomes cranky. She also sometimes gets red eyebrows.

Essence Penn
9 months ago

My 3 year old daughter comes up with all kinds of excuses not to go to bed like “i have to pee” or im thirsty. My 1 year older is sometimes fussy but most of the time she just rubs her eyes and pull on her hair. After a few minutes of that she lay down and falls asleep.

3 months ago
Reply to  Essence Penn

My now 4 years old does the same thing… I don’t know how she even comes up with some of those excuses.

9 months ago

My son, 4 months, rubs his eyes. Digs his head into our chests, yawns, and has the red eyebrows n

9 months ago

My daughter rubs her eyes, arches her back, rubs her face on our clothes, and does the quiet stare

10 months ago

Hey ,
My son either yawns, rubs his eyes, makes an awww sound or gets fussy.

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