My Baby Wakes Up As Soon As I Put Her Down!

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62 Responses to My Baby Wakes Up As Soon As I Put Her Down!

  1. Hello
    I have 20 months boy who stopped sleeping in his crib when he was 12 months after trying many time with him to stay there.then I started to sleep with him on his room in adult bed my problem was the breastfeeding every like 1 or 2 hours after while I weaned him and I thought that he will sleep whole night and it happened few nights then I started to sleep with him until he fall asleep and that is hard because he stay awake for 1 hour playing and jumping on the bed then sleep and I go to my bedroom after one hour he wakes up and cry I ho to him and sleep for like 15 min. Then return and so on all the night between his bedroom and mine.
    Why is he waking up sometimes he sleeps whole night?
    When he was younger I tried what you adviced parents to put the baby on his crib ana let him cry for a while and stop giving them prob to sleep I tried it for long time and failed
    So any help I am frustrated I couldn’t sleep.

  2. My 8 month old daughter is waking up every time I lay her down for a nap. She falls asleep in my arms but pops up as soon as I try to put her in the crib. We were fine until I had to lower the crib since she is now pulling herself up. Idk what to do. I am at my wits end and my frustration level is through the roof. Night time is ok. Idk maybe she is tired enough then. Please help!!!!

  3. Dear Dana,

    It’s wonderful to to get your advice and understand what my little man is thinking, we went to sleep school and that was great, however you explained some reasons why he would wake up again either once he was put down to sleep in his cot or half an hour after fallng asleep in his cot.

    Thank you
    First time dad

  4. I slept trained my baby following your advises at 7 months and it worked wonders. The only issue is that now she will not sleep in her travel bed. What to do ?

  5. We certainly did have this problem for the first four months! Bubba is now 7mo and loves her cot at night! We went from 20/45 minute sleeps to 3/4 hour sleeps through e night to now 4/5/6 hours. After I feed her the first time, 7.30ish, I put her in her bed, sometimes she grizzled at me so I pay her back or sing to her. She tosses and turns a bit sometimes but doesn’t cry. Normally she’s asleep within 5-7 minutes. If she wakes, she may grizzle for a minute or two, but then goes back to sleep. She will often wake at 1.30 to feed, then back to sleep until about 5.30ish where she will feed again and sleep until 7.30-8ish. While she is still bf I’m happy for her to feed as I think she is actually hungry. She goes back to sleep straight after her night feeds, never an issue. She barely slept for the first four months and was so overtired (so was I), that her learning was surely slowed. I’m so glad I changed the way I helped her to sleep.

  6. Hi. My almost 6 month old daughter is having trouble sleeping at night. I had previously sleep trained her at about 3 months of age and she was doing great, she slept through the night wonderfully and napped super well….then we went on vacation for 2 weeks to a place with a 3 hour time difference and since we’ve been back, which has been for 2 months now, she hasn’t slept through the night once…I feel like I’ve tried everything and I’m still following all the principles/rules from the book and it’s still not working. We go through the same bedtime routine every night and I put her in the crib wide awake, and she has no problem going to sleep, the problem is she keeps waking up through the night at very different times every night….What can I do? What can I try? I’m so desperate for a full nights rest, especially since I used to be spoiled with it every night (before our vacation) I would appreciate any feedback! Thanks.

  7. The curse of the 45 minute nap. Any suggestions? My almost three month old only naps for 45 minutes and wakes up, usually happy. But by bedtime she is so overtired it takes me 1-2 hours to get her down. I am in the vicious cycle of short naps and overtired baby.Help!

  8. Im currently trying to get my baby to soothe himself to sleep. we have been using a swaddle, a binky and a swing. But he wakes up 1-3 times a night and I can’t do it anymore. I do feed him if he wakes up at night. :(. Letting him cry isn’t an option right now because he shares a room with his two year old sister because we only have two bedrooms and there is no where else to put his crib. do you feel about thumb suckers? It helps put my three month old to sleep and it is just like a soother. Do you think this will hurt his sleep in the long run?

    • Thank you! You are the first person who I have ever come across who even touched on the issue of an older child while sleep training. I am losing my mind and so sleep deprived I have even started giving in at 3:30 in the morning and lying on several blankets, on the floor, in my 9mos olds room just so I can “sleep” too. My 3yr old and baby have a vent between their rooms, (older house) I can’t just let her cry. I tried, and for several nights. She is relentless. I must have done it wrong by giving in and bfing at night. Naps, no prob.. well except he 45 min nap thing is still in play some days. ANYONE??? HELP US!!! As for thumb sucker. Just a heads up.. my friends daughter did suck her thumb and the dentist was saying that it will angle her teeth in. I know they are the baby teeth but careful it doesn’t change the gum structure, dental is costly :o( Also you can toss a soother later, but not a thumb..

  9. I babysit my 9 month old grand child. Her parents says she takes good 2 hour naps at home. At my house it is a nightmare! I have the same sound machine, and same “lovie”. I try to have the lighting and temperature the same… but we are lucky to get a 30 minute nap all day. She has been this way since I started keeping her at 4 months. Any suggestions?

  10. my 22 month old has slept fine in his own bed until now. every time we put him to bed he screams as if he is petrified of something. i now have to stay in the room until he is fast asleep as if he feels that i am leaving the room he cries and screams. if i cuddle him he is fine and very calm but when we try put him down by himself he will not sleep. any suggestions?

  11. Hi I’m stuck as my 9 month old daughter will sleep fine during her naps in the day n goes off by herself but come to bed time and I’m following the same routine as I always have she just screams constantly and will not go to sleep. I’ve tried the leaving for 5 mins and then longer but she won’t give in n it goes on all night. Please help as I don’t know what else to do thank you Stasey

  12. I cannot get my infant to fall asleep on his own. Once asleep he will sleep several hours for nap, and a majority of the night. However it always takes 1-3 (usually 3) hours to finally get him to sleep. I will pick him up when he cries, and he will relax almost immediately. How can I get him to fall asleep on his own?!?!?

  13. We have a 2 1/2 year old. We have not had any problems with him sleeping or falling asleep until now. Once he is asleep, then he usually sleeps all night. It is just getting him to sleep. We have quiet time, reading, and regular routines. He will not sleep in his bed. He will want to play after story time. Is there anything that we can do to help him want to sleep in his bed, and have him fall asleep?

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  15. I am busy with the program but really really struggling with naps. The first two days were fine but now he cries through out nap time. Otherwise he sleeps max thirty mins. I followed the advise on getting him back to sleep but day five and it has not worked for lo once. We end up taking him out after the twenty five minutes. What is the issue and what should I change. His nights are improving though. Also I’m using a dummy because he has a tendency of sucking his thumb and I prefer dummy to thumb. Do you think its a huge issue, I know you don’t like any sleep props. Please help with how I can better naps. At what point does one usually see a difference?

  16. Please help! My 14 month old will not sleep in her crib! She will only sleep in bed with me. She needs to rub my ear to fall asleep, or has to have atleast her hand on me. I really want to get her into her crib…I need help with any suggestions you may have. Please help!!

    • I have an 11 month with the same problem. Insists on sleeping with me. Needs to be in contact with me as well. Actually prefers to nurse until she falls asleep. Her 1st birthday is approaching and I’m very anxious about weaning her off and helping her learn how to sleep independantly. Don’t know what to do!

  17. Please help me get my 2.5 month old fall asleep in her crib, and not on me…lately that is the only way she will sleep, on my chest. I need help…

  18. Hi. My son has been sleeping alone in his room, in his crib since he was 6 months old. I would feed him his last bottle at 630pm, talk to him a little bit with the room dark with just his night light, did this same routine every night. Then keep on repeating myself to him, “It’s sleepy time, sleepy time, put him down in his crib awake, he always has about 4 pacifiers in his crib so if he loses one, he always knew where and hos to find the others. He also has a favorite pillow and he knows that if it is beside him, it is sleepy time. I was always able to leave the room with him awake and he never cried or freaked out. He sleeps with the sMe lullaby CD since he was born. That is is white noise. He fell asleep between 7-730pm, slept straight and woke up at 530am everyday ( I could never seem to fix that early waking but since he slept through the night, I was okay with it because he can sit in his crib for 45 minutes after that playing with his small stuff dolls and pillows until I come in the room for his first feeding at 630am). At almost 12 months, my husband and I finally took him to his first beach trip for 6 nights and our big mistake was, we didn’t get a room with an adjoining room or a separate room so his cot was right beside our bed. Long story short, he woke up about 3-4 times in the night, saw us and always cried. We didn’t want our neighbors to her him cry so loud so we always transferred him to the bed between my husband and I and all he would do was crawl all over us for about an hour or two before falling asleep. He’d wake up again and crawl all over us, play and obviously, this went on for all 6 nights before we went home. Now that we are back at home, my sleep training is ruined!! Whenever i would put him down in his crib awake and leave the room, he would scream and cry. He would even hold the bars of the crib on both sides so that I would have difficulty putting him down. He keeps on standing up, screaming and crying. I tried to do the CIO method again which I did before and nothing. He wouldn’t stop. My threshold is always 20-25 minutes. It’s come to a point that now a week already at home, he’s almost lost his voice because he cries and screams so much. Finally I decided to just stay in the room with him until he finally falls asleep but whenever he’d wake up in the middle of the night about 3-4 times, he would scream and cry until someone goes in there. All he needs is someone in the room and then he’d fall asleep again. Whenever I quietly leave the room and he hears the door open, he’d wake up, stand again in his crib and start the whole crying and screaming again. It’s come to a point that I put a matress on the floor already so that he sees me there and hopefully be comforted but no!!! Now he’s throwing all the pacifiers at me and once it’s all on the floor, he screams and cries again until I stand up and try to put him down in his crib again. He wants to see my face right smack on his crib and not even far away from him. If i would even move a foot or two away, he’d stand up and do it all over again. What do I do? Even the Ferber method of CIO is not working anymore.

  19. Hi my 16 month daughter goes to sleep at 7pm perfect i never hear a peep until about midnight .When she wakes thats her till about half 1 2am she will not go sleep on her own without someone in the room with her. You dont have to talk to her or even touch her just be in the room. I even resorted to shutting her door once she cried for 10 mins then took herself to bed. Do i stay with her till she goes sleep or is this making a rod for my own back and will get worse? Or i do i play it tough shut her door and keep checking every 5 or 10 mins till she gets the message?
    Please help!
    Kelly x x

  20. How do I break a sleep association? My daughter was quite sick so I was nursing on demand. Now that she’s better, she’s used to nursing on demand. She can’t fall asleep now without me nursing her. How do I get her to sleep without leaving her to cry it out for 30 mins? I’m at my wits end!

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