Rocking Your Baby To Sleep?

Please watch my baby sleep video on rocking your baby to sleep.

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2 Responses to Rocking Your Baby To Sleep?

  1. My 1 year old is having the same exact issues and I rock him to sleep to-you see the problem is we have been in a temporary housing situation between my folks and then an apartment then we are going back to my folks for 2 weeks here on August 6th before we can finally move to IN where we can finally settle in. I really want to start right away but with all the changes and traveling I think maybe I should wait until we get to our new home and he has been there a week or so to know that is now HOME! He also uses a paci which I’m dying to get rid of! He has been waking up at 3a.m. and won’t go back to sleep until 5a.m. some nights even if I try to rock him, feed him, change him etc… nothing works and he refuses to let my husband hold him! I feel I can’t let him cry too much because we are in apartments right now and the sound carries. I’m just not sure what to do-I guess wait? Have you tried this yet? How did it go for you? How long did it take. We were doing great until we had to move in with my folks for a month then to Arlington for 2 months…UGH
    Thanks again,

  2. I have a 6 month old son/ Brendan. He still chokes and stops breathing when he sleeps. how do I get him to stop choking on his saliva?

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