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Scientists Discover “Keyword String” That Puts Babies To Sleep

newborn baby girlIn a groundbreaking discovery, sleep scientists at Garvard University have discovered a set of “keywords” that — when whispered into the ear of babies under the age of about 24 months — causes them to slip instantly into a deep sleep.

The study, conducted over 3 years and with over 2,000 participants, is being heralded as the “answer to every new parent’s dream.”

When asked for comment on this discovery, best-selling author and esteemed child sleep expert Dana Obleman (creator of The Sleep Sense Program), simply said “Happy April Fool’s Day!”

“The truth is that there’s no such thing as magic words, pixie dust, or any other ‘secret’ way to get your child sleeping through the night,” she advises.

The fastest, simplest, and gentlest way to get a baby or toddler sleeping through the night is by using The Sleep Sense Program. And if you use this link — you can get it at a special April Fool’s Discount… because I do feel a little bad about pulling your leg.”

Sleep scientists at Garvard University had no comment.

Baby Not Sleeping Through The Night?

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