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Secret Reasons For Teaching Your Child To Sleep Through The Night

sleeping babyOkay, so we all know that a good night’s sleep is important for children, right?

We understand that healthy sleep habits are linked to positive things like higher IQs, lower risk of obesity, better test scores, and (in boys) a lower risk for hyperactivity.

Now, those are all great reasons to teach your child how to sleep through the night. But there are other reasons, too.

Secret reasons.

Reasons that many parents don’t want to admit.

But – as a professional child sleep consultant – I’ve got the REAL skinny on why parents want their children sleeping through the night.

Based on personal conversations with thousands of parents, here are the Top 5 ‘Secret’ Reasons Mothers Want Their Child To Sleep Through The Night!

Reason #5: What’s HER problem?

Most of your friends and family understand that a baby or toddler can wear you out. And they’ll cut you some slack – for awhile. But if you find yourself being flat-out bitchy to people, they’re going to notice. (And talk about you. Behind your back. You hate that.)

Reason #4: Get A Life!

Remember back when you used to have a social life? You’d go out with friends, talk about stuff (other than diapers and how tired you are), and linger at the end of a dinner party. Wouldn’t it be nice to call those friends up and say “Hey, remember me? We used to hang out before I was taken hostage by a 1-year-old who ‘only sleeps for Mommy.’ We should do something next week!”

Reason #3: Mindless Self Indulgence.

You’re a good mom. You care about your kids. You’d do anything for them. But sometimes, you just need to pour yourself a (large) glass of Chardonnay, open a bag of potato chips, and watch three “Sex and The City” re-runs in a row. WITH. NO. BACKGROUND. NOISE. WHATSOEVER!

Reason #2: Getting any?

A friend of mine has an 8-month-old who still isn’t sleeping through the night. She mentioned to me the other day that she and her husband haven’t been intimate since her son was born. “Don’t you miss it?” I asked her. She replied, “No, I’m too tired to miss it… But I’m very nostalgic for it!” (Trust me, once you’re getting a decent night’s sleep again, you’ll get your groove back!)

Reason #1: I Told You So!

We all have one. A person in our life (maybe it’s our mother-in-law) who subtly lets us know that – when it comes to parenting – they think we’re “doing it wrong.” Now, be honest… How awesome would it feel to casually mention to that person how your child sleeps 12 straight hours… each and every night?

So, readers, now it’s YOUR turn! What’s your “secret” reason for wanting to get your child sleeping through the night? Post yours in the Comments section below. (I choose one commenter from each post to win something cool!)

Oh, and if you’re looking for some help getting started, you can click here to get a FREE sleep plan customized for your child!

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