How to Use the Swaddle

There’s something that never gets old about wrapping yourself up in a warm, fuzzy blanket. That feeling of warmth, security and comfort is welcome to people of all ages, but for newborns especially, swaddling can help keep them safe and secure in their crib, and is said to mimic the sensation of the womb. However, I’ve seen plenty of newborns … Read More

The Truth About Gas and Sleep

There are two major scapegoats I find people using to blame their babies’ sleep problems on. One is teething; the other is gas. Gas makes for a great fall guy when your baby gets fussy at bedtime, since there’s no way to rule it out as the culprit. You hold your baby on your knee, pat him on the back … Read More

How Much Sleep Does my Newborn Need?

This may sound like a “Thanks for the revelation, oh wise one,” kind of statement, but newborn babies need a lot of sleep. Seriously. A boatload. The reason I tell you this is because, although parents are aware of that fact, a lot of them are not aware of just how much we mean by “a lot.” In fact, many … Read More

Sleep Training at 8 Weeks?

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal published an article called “Can You Sleep Train Your Baby at 2 Months?” I’m sure it wasn’t the most earth-shattering article they have ever published for the average citizen, but among the new-mama, sleep-training, attachment-parenting and sleep-deprived-parent crowds, it was right up there with the moon landing. Although the moon landing probably wasn’t … Read More

What am I Doing Wrong?

When it comes to breaking a habit or changing a routine, we tend to make little tweaks to the formula, because baby’s not responding right off the bat, or because we think a slight adjustment might make it a little more “customized” for our child, who we know, and our doctor/lactation coach/sleep consultant doesn’t. And we’re absolutely right in thinking … Read More

Getting Your Toddler Ready for a New Baby

Bringing home a new baby is a glorious event for Mom and Dad, but your toddler may not share your enthusiasm. In fact, it can trigger some serious jealousy and behavioral issues. Here are some tips for keeping your toddler happy and reassured after the arrival of a new sibling.

Promoting Quality Sleep in Newborns

I hear a lot of people asking when they can start the Sleep Sense Program. Is six months old too soon? Six weeks? Well, it’s up to you when you want to start, but the truth is, it’s never too early! If your baby, infant or toddler is having trouble sleeping through the night, help is just a click away! … Read More

Recognizing Your Child’s Sleep Signals

It’s an amazing milestone when your baby first learns to speak. The ability to communicate verbally with your child is a joy and a relief that’s almost unparalleled by anything in the first five years of parenthood. (With successful potty training being, quite obviously, a notable contender.) But until that day, you’re still going to need to communicate. Baby’s going … Read More

Why is my Baby Taking 20 Minute Naps?

My brother-in-law got me a pair of Bluetooth headphones for Christmas this year, and I absolutely love them. That is to say, I would love them… if they actually worked. It’s not that they’re outright defective or anything. They work fine for a little while at a time, but they’re secretly plotting… waiting for that moment when I’m right about … Read More

How to Tell When Your Child is Tired

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have heard me mention that a well-adhered-to sleep schedule is an essential part of ensuring your child gets enough quality sleep. In fact, by now you might have heard me say it a few dozen times. I’ll just throw it out there once again, really quickly, and then we’ll move … Read More