What’s the Big Deal About Breastfeeding in Public?

Why do people get so offended at the sight of a woman feeding her baby in a public setting? I don’t ask that question just to answer it for you. I’m genuinely looking for some serious feedback from the people who disapprove. The argument I hear from most of the articles I’ve found online is that people feel uncomfortable seeing … Read More

What I REALLY Think About Co-Sleeping

I came across a great issue of Time Magazine at the grocery store last week, entitled, “The Science of Sleep.” It has some fantastic articles on subjects ranging from the restorative effects of sleep, to how sleep differs in teenagers, and its effects on creativity and weight-loss. If you spot it, I highly recommend picking it up. It’s a fascinating … Read More

3 myths about being a new mom (that no one ever tells you)

Okay, new mamas, hands up if you read a few books about motherhood while you were pregnant. Or maybe, I don’t know, got a word of two of advice from friends who already have a couple of kids under their belt. Or maybe your mother-in-law. All of you? That’s what I thought. :) But until that baby is born, no … Read More

Free Stuff For Moms

Today, I’ve got some free stuff for everyone: 1) In Case You Missed It: Last week, I hosted an online class talking about some of the best (and worst) ways for at-home moms to earn an income. It was a great event, but a lot of you e-mailed me saying that you weren’t able to attend because it was in the middle of the … Read More

Is My Baby Sleeping Too Much?

With all the talk among new parents about never getting enough sleep, it can be hard to imagine that some mom and dads are concerned that their baby might be sleeping TOO much. Now, the truth is that babies (especially newborns) need a LOT of sleep! So much sleep, in fact, that it can be a little alarming to new … Read More